Elastin for cosmetics

Anti-Aging with Elastin

We give the skin back what it has lost!

Skin aging 

Skin aging is a complex process triggered by changes in the skin. Both internal (genetically determined) and external (resulting from environmental influences) influences play a significant role here. The skin loses elasticity, mainly due to the breakdown of elastin in the dermis. Wrinkles are formed.

Elastin-based cosmetic products

Unlike collagen, elastin cannot be newly formed in the skin; it is lost. However, soluble elastin can be easily processed in the form of creams, emulsions and as a fiber material. It has high purity and skin compatibility.

Elastin thus represents a novel and highly interesting material for anti-aging applications, for example.

matripure - pure Elastin from matrihealth

We have developed an innovative method for elastin extraction that enables us to produce high-purity and water-soluble elastin even on a large scale at attractive prices. Thus, elastin is now also available in the cosmetics and care products sector for external and internal use.


extracted Elastin © Fraunhofer IMWS / Michael Deutsch


Pure elastin as a novel material for cosmetic and care products.