Elastin for R&D 

Soluble and non-soluble elastin for biomaterial development, basic research and tissue engineering.


Elastin-based biomaterial inks for tissue engineering applications and Bioprinting

Elastin in medicine 

Elastin can be processed very well into materials that can be used for wound treatments. We have developed patented processes for this purpose.

We offer pure, soluble elastin as a sustainable and natural raw material for cosmetic products, for example for anti-aging applications.

Elastin for cosmetics 

Elastin in the food sector 

With a high content of essential amino acids, Elastin is a valuable dietary supplement and ideal for high protein applications. It is neutral in taste, soluble in cold water and thus optimized for applications in beverages and food.

Expertise in Elastin 

Our globally recognized expertise in elastin is based on many years of scientific research into the structure and properties of this unique polymer. An overview.

matripure, soluble Elastin

matripure© is a soluble and highly pure elastin hydrolysate for R&D applications in basic research, biomaterial development, tissue engineering and cell culture. 

ELMA, Elastin methacrylate

With ELMA, we offer methacrylated elastin for bioprinting for the first time. Discover the potential of this unique protein for tissue engineering.