With ELMA, matrihealth introduces elastin
methacrylate for advanced 3D bioprinting
and comprehensive tissue engineering to
enable the close-to-native complementation
of artificial extracellular matrix.



ELMA is produced from high quality natural resources to ensure the highest bioactivity. Like natural elastin, ELMA contains all posttranslational modifications like hydroxyproline and desmosine in native ratios.

  • Methacrylated elastin for bioprinting
  • important building block of ECM
  • Elastin available for bioprinting for the first time
  • ideal for printing tissues for tissue engineering
  • very good processability with all common bioprinters
  • excellent compatibility with gelatine and collagen

Bioprinting with ELMA

Innovative materials for bioprinting 

The shortage of donor organs and the body's immune response to implanted organs and tissues are leading to efforts to develop artificial tissues based on the body's own cells. One approach in this area of medical research, known as tissue engineering, is bioprinting. Bioprinting is an additive manufacturing process in which almost any geometric shape can be created by applying material in layers. In this process, the body's own cells are usually "printed" into a support structure made of biocompatible hydrogels, which gives the tissue its initial shape and is gradually replaced by cultured tissue. These hydrogels are usually made from cell-compatible materials such as collagen, alginate, gelatin, as well as specialty ceramics and biocompatible polymers, some of which are already found in natural tissue. Our elastin enables the production of biomaterial inks with an elastin content in appreciable quantities. This enables both the incorporation of elastin in the formation of new tissue and thus the production of naturally mimetic tissue, as well as the targeted adjustment of mechanical properties and improved replication of the extracellular matrix. The combination of the novel component elastin and the excellent properties of our biomaterial inks offer our customers many advantages and represent a unique selling point compared to products available on the market.